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IN 1878...

Our beloved town of Loveland was built around its 1st ever train station, a well-built, single-story, red-brick building.


 Some odd years later the Great Western Sugar Company built the beet factory, resulting in a huge increase in freight traffic. In turn creating the need for a larger building to hold not only more freight, but also to provide enough space for a second building allowing locals and tourists to travel conveniently. 

As a result, in 1980 the C&S Depot closed due to the increase in automobile ownership, and the decline in freight traffic.

Since then the beautiful historic C&S depot building has housed a variety of businesses, shops, and offices. Now providing our customers and community with access to a tasty meal in a well-loved location.


Our beloved captain, James Beemer, better known as “Beemer”, began his career in the restaurant industry about 20 years ago. It all started over at Remo’s, moving on to help out in opening Henry’s Pub. He worked hard as a cook and bartender until some friends opened up the Sports Station. Beem then helped them to remodel, and establish the Sports Station in June of 2006! In early September 2015, Beemer purchased the now Sports Station American Grill!

Since taking ownership, he plays a huge role as the leader of the team. He loves working in all areas of the Station and has a very personal attachment to our restaurant, community, and lifelong customers!